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Inpatient Rehabilitation

In some cases, you or your loved one may be referred to an inpatient rehabilitation facility after a hospitalization or even that has prompted a change in your health. Perhaps you elected to have knee or hip replacement surgery, or a fall has caused a set-back that is going to require extensive therapies for recovery. While some will opt to go home and start home health, others may need to consider a temporary stay beyond a hospitalization for inpatient rehabilitation.

When it comes to inpatient rehabilitation, stays can range anywhere from two to six or eight weeks. This is depending upon recovery, progress, and insurance approvals. Generally, a resident of inpatient rehabilitation will have a room, be given three meals a day, and will participate in various forms of therapy throughout the day.

Just as the case with hospitalizations, it is important to make sure you advocate for your care as an inpatient rehabilitation patient. See Hospital Safety and apply the same actions to move into an inpatient rehabilitation. It is important to advocate for medication timeliness to your teams as this greatly impacts your ability to participate in therapies for a full recovery. In some cases, your loved one may need to be present as well to ensure you are receiving the necessary care as a person living with Parkinson's. Most inpatient rehabilitations are located on a separate floor in a hospital setting, or a stand-alone facility, some of which may also include skilled nursing facility wings.

Your assigned social worker will have a list of inpatient facilities for consideration upon your discharge. It is important to send a care partner to the facility to make sure it will meet your needs prior to transporting to the facility.

Disclaimer: The Parkinson Association of Alabama (PAA) works to equip you with education and awareness to discern your own path. The PAA does not specifically endorse living at home or choosing to not live at home for advanced care needs. 


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