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To be mindful is to be aware of what's going on around you, how you feel, and the space you're in. It sounds simple enough, but being mindful is easier said than done. That's because it's very easy to let thoughts about the future, medication schedules, to-do lists, worries, and anxiety become top of mind.

Therefore, mindfulness practices such as meditation are designed to help people practice being in the moment, suspending judgement, practicing self-compassion, and becoming detached from every possible outcome. If you're able to make this a regular practice in your life, you can gain the power to reduce stress, enhance performance, improve sleep, improve concentration, improve cardiovascular and immune health, reduce pain, increase coping skills, change your brain and more.

The Parkinson's Foundation offers a weekly Mindfulness Mondays virtual zoom session at noon Central. Guest psychologists explore and lead different dimensions of mindfulness practices each week, providing mindfulness techniques that can offer moments of respite and clarity that can be useful throughout your week. Find a comfortable seat and join your mindful Parkinson's Community at this time. These sessions are created with the intention of including everyone. To learn more and to register, click the red link below.

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