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Reiki is a Japanese technique that involves laying hands on or near different parts of a person's body. It's based on the idea that we all have a "life force energy" that flows through us, and it's what causes us to be alive. A low force energy causes illness and stress, and a high life force energy causes greater health and happiness.

Often referred to as "touch therapy" or "energy work," Reiki is an ancient practice that promotes relaxation and healing. Reiki practitioners focus on using gentle touch to better channel a person's life force and ease bodily tension. Some have reported feeling immediate relief. While there is little research into Reiki and its use in PD, some studies have shown that it can help with pain relief and mood.

You can learn more about Reiki and its impact on Parkinson's by clicking on the red box below.

Disclaimer:  The Parkinson's Association of Alabama provides awareness and education about possible complementary therapies to incorporate into your overall wellness plan. The PAA does not endorse or suggest any specific therapy and it is at the discretion of each person living with Parkinson's and their Care Partners for incorporating any complementary therapies into their wellness plan. You should always consult with your physician prior to starting any new complimentary therapy treatments.

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