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Feldenkrais Method

The Feldenkrais Method is based on the idea that the brain oversees movement; so, to change your movement, you must change your mind. For a person with Parkinson's, the natural rhythm and flow of perception, feeling, and movement are disrupted and routine behaviors such as walking, speaking, swallowing and more can become difficult. The Feldenkrais Method teaches people movement sequences designed to enhance their functional ability. As you learn better ways to move, you can improve your balance, breathing, cognition, coordination, facial masking, swallowing, and more. The method can be taught privately or in group classes.

Alabama is considered to be affiliated with the Southeast Region. For more information about the Feldenkrais Method, you can contact Jane Johnson at You can also learn more by clicking on the red box below.

Disclaimer:  The Parkinson's Association of Alabama provides awareness and education about possible complementary therapies to incorporate into your overall wellness plan. The PAA does not endorse or suggest any specific therapy and it is at the discretion of each person living with Parkinson's and their Care Partners for incorporating any complementary therapies into their wellness plan. You should always consult with your physician prior to starting any new complimentary therapy treatments.

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