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Massage therapy has been shown to increase circulation, reduce muscle tension and promote relaxation. It may be helpful if you have problems with rigidity, anxiety, or stress. Massage is not a substitute for regular movement and exercise, but it can be a wonderful addition to your overall exercise program. Self-massage and care partner-assisted massage can be helpful. Many stores sell items such as wooden rollers and hand-held electric massagers that you or your care partner can use.

Additional resources, include:

Disclaimer:  The Parkinson's Association of Alabama provides awareness and education about possible complementary therapies to incorporate into your overall wellness plan. The PAA does not endorse or suggest any specific therapy and it is at the discretion of each person living with Parkinson's and their Care Partners for incorporating any complementary therapies into their wellness plan. You should always consult with your physician prior to starting any new complimentary therapy treatments.

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