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Medical Marijuana

Many people are curious about adding marijuana (also known as cannibis) to their regimen and whether or not it would be beneficial. Medical cannabis products are expected to be available to the public in Alabama by late 2023 or early 2024. According to, under Alabama's program, doctors trained in medical cannabis will be authorized to recommend it. To learn more, you can visit the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission at this link: https//

You may have already learned the CBD oil is available in Alabama. At this point, researchers say that cannabis MAY provide relief from symptoms such as tremors, stiffness, rigidity, and slowness of movement. The problem is that so far, studies have been small and have mixed results. Also, various factors, including calculating a safe dosage, need to be looked at further.

If you are interested in medical marijuana or CBD oil, ask your doctor if it may be a helpful option for you.

Disclaimer:  The Parkinson's Association of Alabama provides awareness and education about possible complementary therapies to incorporate into your overall wellness plan. The PAA does not endorse or suggest any specific therapy and it is at the discretion of each person living with Parkinson's and their Care Partners for incorporating any complementary therapies into their wellness plan. You should always consult with your physician prior to starting any new complimentary therapy treatments.

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