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Music Therapy

Music is receiving a lot of attention in terms of how it may help people with Parkinson's. Many folks have found moving, dancing, and singing to music very helpful in alleviating certain PD symptoms. And there's the bonus with music therapy: it may improve your mood and help you think better. Below are a few examples of music therapy:

Rhythmic Auditory Cuing

Rhythmic auditory cuing is a technique in which a rhythm is used to help improve movement in people with PD. Many people with Parkinson's find that using music to provide the rhythm works really well in helping them walk.


Singing solo or in a choir have both been found to be beneficial for people with PD by helping them to increase the volume and quality of their voice. Singing may also be helpful in strengthening the muscles responsible for swallowing and breathing, both of which can be a challenge for people with PD. If you aren't interested in performing, singing along with your favorite tunes in the car or at home can be very beneficial to strengthening your voice and keeping it strong.

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