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Urban Poling

Urban Poling is one of the best forms of fitness and way to regulate blood glucose, as it uses 90% of the muscles while providing both cardiovascular and mobility support. Urban Poling is more about the tools you use while you walk, allowing you to improve balance and confidence for walking with four points of contact. The poles also help you walk faster and further while promoting upright posture. It takes stress off painful hip and knee joints and helps to strengthen the core.

ACTIVATOR Walking Poles

ACTIVATOR Poles have been proven beneficial for People with Parkinson's to help with upright posture, improve balance, normalize gait patterns, and increase confidence. There are currently 19 independent studies on the ACTIVATOR Poles and 19 research articles on the positive impact between Nordic walking and Parkinson's Disease.

Recommended by leading surgeons, physicians and therapists, the evidence-based ACTIVATOR Poles were designed by an occupational therapist and gerontologist specifically for rehab and long-term conditions.

The versatility of the ACTIVATOR Poles allow them to be utilized with exercises, as an assistive device that replaces canes and walkers (refer to your healthcare provider), or as a fitness tool to increase aerobic capacity.

Why Top Health Professionals Recommend ACTIVATOR...

Designed by a therapist with unique features for rehabilitation the poles provide:

  • Strapless Ergonomic CoreGrip for core strengthening and to reduce risk of injury

  • Secure locking system with weight bearing capacity 90 kg (250 lb per pole).

  • Anti-vibration features

  • Adjustable in length

  • Bell-shaped tips for stability

How to setup the ACTIVATOR Poles

Follow this link to learn more about setting up Activator Poles: 

When should I get DBS? Learn How to use the ACTIVATOR Technique

These poles are more than just a support system while walking - there are true techniques to learn how to use them to optimize their value and benefits. Follow this link to learn more about the ACTIVATOR technique: 

Where do you purchase ACTIVATOR poles?

Find a retail or order online at this link: 


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