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Even with safety precautions in place, sometimes falls occur. It is important to have a back-up plan before a fall happens. Do you have a friend, relative or neighbor who is able to help? Do you need an emergency call button or other system installed in your home to summon help? Know the process to activate an emergency call if needed.

It is also important to learn a safe method for helping the person up from the ground to avoid injury to both you and the person with Parkinson's. Work with a physical therapist to prepare a system in case a fall occurs.

  • Don't panic!

  • Take time to make sure the person is not injured and has an opportunity to rest if needed before trying to get up. Poor planning can result in a second fall. 

  • Have the person with Parkinson's scoot to a solid piece of furniture or another object that she can use to help pull herself up.

  • A transfer belt can provide you with a firm grip to aid the person as he/she rises. Work together and make sure everyone is aware of the plan before starting to get up.

  • If you determine that it is unsafe to help the person up without more assistance, call for help. As you wait for help to arrive, make the person with Parkinson's as comfortable as possible.

You can read more about Falls here.


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