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Skilled rehabilitation therapies - including physical, occupational and speech therapies - can help a person with Parkinson's maintain or re-stabilize functioning and offer helpful safety instructions for the care partner.

These therapies are provided in multiple settings; day treatment centers, your home, in-patient units of rehabilitation institutions and out-patient centers. Skilled therapy is an order prescribed by a physician. It is covered by Medicare and other health insurance companies, so long as the person is not already receiving insurance-covered therapies in more than one setting at the same time.

In-Patient Rehabilitation

Large, dedicated rehabilitation institutions offer in-patient rehab stays as well as other levels of rehab treatment. to qualify for an in-patient rehab unit, the person with Parkinson's must meet specific criteria related to the ability to participate in and benefit from multiple daily, intensive therapy sessions.

Out-Patient Therapy

Out-patient therapy is provided in a community clinic setting, so your loved one must be able to leave the home for therapy. The person with Parkinson's receives a one-hour session of physical, occupational, or speech therapy.

Day Rehabilitation Programs

In addition to in-patient and out-patient rehabilitation, some rehabilitation institutions offer day rehabilitation: a concentrated, rather intense, community-based, day-long treatment program that encompasses all of the skilled rehabilitation therapies: physical, occupational and speech. To qualify, the person with Parkinson's must be able to undertake three hours of therapies in a day.

In-Home Therapy

In-home therapy refers to physician-ordered, skilled rehabilitation therapy - physical, occupational or speech--for patients who are home-bound and unable to travel to an out-patient therapy setting. A registered nurse opens and oversees the home rehabilitation care. During the time that a case is open for home rehab, your loved one is also eligible to receive a bath aide. However, the bath service ends when the course of rehabilitation ends.


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