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Travel and Transportation

Leaving the home for medical appointments, family events, or other activities can be a cumbersome process for a person with advanced-stage Parkinson's. These outings are sometimes needed, and often add to quality of life, so it is important to consider methods that promote safety and decrease care partner stress.

Traveling to Medical Appointments

  • Try to schedule appointments at times when the person with Parkinson's is rested and PD medications are most likely to be working well.

  • If endurance allows, schedule a few appointments on the same day, especially if they are located in the same clinic or medical complex.

  • Pack a small bag with your loved one's pill box, liquids, snacks, and/or incontinence pads if you will be away from home for a while

  • Make sure that the person with Parkinson's is adequately dressed for the climate when leaving the house. Regardless of weather, you might want to bring a small shawl or lap blanket.

Getting In and Out of the House

  • Outside stairways should have sturdy railings in place

  • If the person with Parkinson's cannot negotiate steps, consider installing a ramp. Make sure you work with a professional who understands the slope needed for safe walking or wheelchair transport - it should not be too steep.

  • See wheelchair ramp installations under local resources.


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