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Palliative and Hospice Care

Palliative and Hospice Care Providers are generally provided by the same service companies. However, some palliative care is offered by hospital systems. You should speak with your physician or neurologist about whether a palliative or hospice care approach is best for you. Once your physician/neurologist prescribes palliative or hospice care, you will be given a list of potential providers in your area. Through an assessment, the provider can help you determine if you are a better candidate for palliative or hospice care.

Palliative and Hospice agencies are recommended to those who wish to seek comfort care from home and no longer wish to actively treat or attend physician appointments in person. If your physician recommends that it might be time to consider palliative or hospice care, keep in mind that there are many wonderful benefits to make the journey more practical as well as spiritually and medically supported. Additionally, remember - choosing a palliative or hospice care agency is a very important and personal choice. 

You should ask your physician, or hospital case manager for a list of recommended palliative or hospice agencies in your area. You may also know friends near you that can recommend companies they have used for family members. To do research in advance, consider visiting the Alabama Department of Public Health to generate a listing of Hospice Agencies from their Health Care Facilities Directory for Home Health Agencies. Directions are below on how to access.

Alabama Department of Public Health

The Alabama Department of Public Health can provide a PDF of all Palliative and Hospice Agencies in Alabama organized by county at this website address:

You can also visit, choose the Hospices Category and enter your city and state to generate the most current list. From there, you can also register your contact information for a return email or to have a representative call you with additional assistance.

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