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Veteran Services

The best place to get answers to questions directly about Veteran Services if from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and more specifically, the Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs at You can call 1.205.933.8101 for immediate assistance or visit   to learn more.

Still Serving Veterans can call 1.866.778.4645 or go to which also provides veteran services.

You can also visit - choose the Veterans Services Category and enter your city and state to generate the most current list of potential providers that will assist locally with managing veteran services. From there, you can also register your contact information for a return email or to have a representative call you with additional assistance. Additional contacts, include:

Veteran's Administration - Parkinson's Disease & Geriatric Extended Care

You will find links to national PD organizations, PADRECCs, Consortium Centers, VA PD Newsletter, a tab for Palliative Care video and or Caregiving, community Living Centers, etc. State and Local resources as well.

Phone: 1.205.933.8101

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