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Home Care Agencies

Providing a listing of available home care agencies is often the most common request for assistance. However, it is also the most challenging list to provide because most home care agencies are private and not government regulated. That being said, our goal is to provide you with an understanding for how to seek out an available Home Care companion that provides non-medical services.

You might recall reading guidance on choosing between a private, independent care companion, or hiring a local agency for non-medical companion care needs on the webpage, Care at Home. It is recommended that you read this section for additional information in detail when choosing who to hire for additional help for non-medical services within your home.

Hiring Agencies

Asking friends what agencies they have used that live nearby can be very helpful, not only to see what is available but to also gain insight into their experiences. There are several national and state agencies that cover many portions of the state. However, some of your best agencies are smaller, private, and local - so don't rule them out from your search. You can see a listing of Home Care Services in Alabama by going to Keep in mind that these agencies pay to be listed. There could certainly be many great agencies out there not listed, so conducting a Google search in your area - paying attention to billboards or signs on buildings, and asking your physicians and members of your community can also be very helpful. can also provide search listings for care providers based on your location.

Hiring Private

Should you choose to forego hiring an agency to manage in-home care services for assistance with activities of daily living and hire independently, we recommend that you follow the steps on How to Hire and Independent Care Provider. Keep in mind that you may find these providers by word of mouth through someone you know (recommended,) or from a referral from your local Alabama Area Aging Agency.

We also discuss some tips on conducting a search through care sites, such as or even Indeed. Some people will also utilize Aging Care's website or Caregivers Near Me. can also provide search listing for care providers based on your location. In addition to education about hiring home care services, they also provide a listing of companies available by city. Remember, many of these agencies pay to be listed - so do your homework.  A simple Google search may also be beneficial to find agencies that perhaps are great, but choose not to pay a listing fee.

Need Assistance?

If you find yourself needing additional assistance in locating potential home care agencies in your area, contact our Care Navigator at the PAA who can assist you in trying to develop a list of potential resources to shop, at 1.833.473.5465, or email to schedule a time to discuss further at 

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