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Home Health Agencies

Home Health includes in home medical care prescribed by a physician to receive an in-home nurse, aide, and therapeutic services with the intention of recovery. This is most used after a hospitalization, injury, or illness that prompts the need for rehabilitations when transportation outside of the home isn't possible.

You should ask your physician, or hospital case manager / social worker for a list of recommended home health facilities in your area. To do research in advance, consider visiting the Alabama Department of Public Health to generate a listing of Health Care Facilities from their Health Care Facilities Directory for Home Health Care Agencies. Directions on how to access that is below:

Alabama Department of Public Health

The Alabama Department of Public Health provides a Facilities Directory. A PDF of all Home Health Agencies in Alabama is included organized by county. 

You can also visit, choose the Home Health Care Category and enter your city and state to generate the most current list. From there, you can also register your contact information for a return email or to have a representative call you with additional assistance.

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