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Does drinking alcohol impact Parkinson's?

There's no definite answer as to whether alcohol has any effect on symptoms of Parkinson's; however, alcohol can interfere with the efficacy of certain prescription medications, so talk with your physician about how it might reduce the effectiveness of the medications you take.

Like caffeine, alcohol can be a bladder irritant for some people. If this is the case for you, avoiding alcohol may help alleviate urinary discomfort. Similarly, alcohol late at night may interfere with your sleep; if that is a problem for you, avoiding it may help you sleep better through the night.

For some, a glass of red or white wine may be beneficial to easing anxiety symptoms and aiding in relaxation. The key is moderation.

Disclaimer: The information contained in these Frequently Asked Questions have been sourced by reliable, research-based publications. It is to your discretion whether or not to incorporate the education and awareness as guidance into your wellness journey with Parkinson's. The Parkinson Association of Alabama cannot be held liable for the solutions you try, and you should always consult with medical experts before trying anything new or incorporating new matters into your overall wellness plan.


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