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Automobile Transfer Aids

A car trip is a daily activity that can present significant challenges for people with limited mobility. Getting in and out of the car can be tiring - and risky for someone with diminished strength and balance. Transfer aids that make these transfers safer and easier to contribute to a user's quality of life.

Transfer Slide Sheet for Car (Estimated Cost - $45)

One thing that inhibits smooth car transfers is the ability to easily slide across a seat when getting in and out of a car. A transfer slide sheet conveniently folds up in the glove compartment when not in use. Unfolded and placed across the seat under the user, it provides a frictionless surface for sliding into a comfortable and safe position on the car seat.

Swivel Car Seat Cushion (Estimated Cost - $50)

Placed on the car seat, a swivel car seat cushion allows a user to rotate positions while seated. While seated on the cushion, the user can pivot while facing forward, eliminating the need to twist or lean while getting into and out of a car. 

Vehicle Assistance Strap (Estimated Cost - $35)

A vehicle assistance strap is an easy-to-install and use piece of transfer equipment that makes car travel safer for people who need some extra stability while getting in and out of a car. A vehicle assistance strap goes around the window frame, installs in seconds, and provides a handhold for balance while transferring to and from a vehicle.


Car Door Automotive Handle Stranding Aid (Estimated Cost - $40)

A car door automotive handling standing aid is a convenient, portable device that fits into the striker plate of the door when the car is open and provides a stable handle to grip for leverage while getting in and out of a car. It's known by many names, including car door handle aid, car grab handle, car door assist handle, and car door handle assist bar, and can typically support a user weighing up to 350 pounds.

Transport Chairs (Estimated Cost - $125)

Medicare will generally provide a sturdy and well produced wheelchair that is great for indoors and navigating everyday movement. However, it is very heavy and can be hard to fold up and lift in and out of cars. One way to counteract this is to order an additional lightweight transport chair that you keep in your car for quick trips. They can be found on Amazon, Wal-Mart, or any Medical Supply Store. 

Disclaimer: The Parkinson Association of Alabama (PAA) does not endorse or recommend any specific product or brand for purchase. It is to each person's discretion what products to purchase. The PAA cannot be held liable if the product does not produce its desired solution. 

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