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Wheelchairs and/or scooters are also a very personal choice when it comes to determining what is best to meet your unique needs. Medicare will cover all or a portion of most standard wheelchairs and/or scooters. Your doctor can provide a prescription for a wheelchair when the time is right for you. You can also consult with your physical or occupational therapist for recommendations on which chairs they think might work best for you.

For some people with Parkinson's, they prefer a wheelchair over a power scooter. By being able to power the wheelchair themselves, they can continue to get the necessary movement and exercise their body needs to flourish well.

For some, self-navigating a wheelchair can be difficult. Choosing a powered wheelchair may be a simpler solution for you and your caregiver.

If your loved one is impacted by dementia, or in the more advanced stages of PD, chances are great that your loved one will no longer be able to navigate the powered wheelchair themselves. In these instances, many people revert to a wheelchair that the care partner can push / navigate. Remote controlled wheelchairs are also available for the care partner that may have their own physical limitations in pushing their loved ones in a chair.

One thing to consider is the importance of having a lightweight transport wheelchair available in the car. This can be much easier to navigate than trying to take a scooter or large powered wheelchair on outings. They are lighter and can easily fold up - making it much easier to move into the trunk of your car or SUV. Adding a cushion can also provide extra comfort. These chairs can generally be found on Amazon, at Wal-Mart, Drug Stores, and most Medical Supply Companies.

Most stores also have automated carts for people to assist them with their shopping that are challenged by their mobility.

Wheelchair Ramps

If you only have a few steps to navigate through entry ways, there is a way to use an ADA Compliant Wheelchair Ramp that can be temporarily installed. You can rent or buy these ramps, and most can be installed within 48 hours. The best local vendors to assist with the purchase and installation of these products are:

101 Mobility of Alabama


6000 Walt Dr., Suite E

Birmingham, AL 35242

Amramp Birmingham

300 Vestavia Parkway, Suite 2300

Birmingham, AL 35216

For additional vendors and contacts, consider checking with your local Area Alabama Agency on Aging.

Disclaimer: The Parkinson Association of Alabama (PAA) does not endorse or recommend any specific product or brand for purchase. It is to each person's discretion what products to purchase. The PAA cannot be held liable if the product does not produce its desired solution. 

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