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Hospital Discharge Preparations

During your stay, ask for a physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech therapy consult as illness and prolonged bed rest can weaken your body and effect daily activities. Also, consider asking to see a social worker, especially if you have questions about community resources, special needs after discharge, or changes in living arrangements. Chaplain services are available in most hospitals and are there to support you, no matter what your spiritual needs or beliefs. If you have had a severe illness or surgery, ask your neurologist and physician about inpatient (hospital-based) rehabilitation or home health services that may include social work, nursing, or dietary and rehabilitation services.

Prior to being discharged, ask these questions:

  • Have my neurologist and primary care physician been notified of my condition while I've been in the hospital?

  • When should I next visit my primary care physician, neurologist or movement disorder specialist?

  • Should I receive additional rehabilitation, such as physical therapy?

  • What tests, procedures, or new diagnoses have I received?

  • What medications have been changed (if any) and why?

  • How do I get a copy of the hospital records sent to my physician?

After a hospital stay, you may need to spend a few days at a rehabilitation facility. With a new health care team, the education process begins again. To get the care you need, be persistent in educating staff about your symptoms, medications, and needs. 

At the end of your stay, your doctor and nurse should provide you with a set of instructions to follow when you get home. Make sure you and your care partner understand the plan and never hesitate to ask questions if something is unclear.

Disclaimer: At PAA, our desire is to be a GO TO Resource for everything you need for the Parkinson's diagnosis to live a quality life with PD. We want to make sure you have all resources you need as you plan your journey with Parkinson's now and into the future so that you can reflect and discern what decisions you want to make with the appropriate insights to help you choose and build a plan that is unique as your journey. The PAA, nor the contents on this website, should never be a replacement for professional expertise and guidance from medical, legal, or financial professionals. Our goal is to equip you for those conversations. As such, the PAA cannot be held accountable for your choices and outcomes while navigating your Parkinson's condition.


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