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Morris K. Udall Research Centers of Excellence Ken Cater, PAA Emeritus Director, Interviewed

The NINDS Morris K. Udall Centers of Excellence in Parkinson's Disease (PD) utilize a team-based, interdisciplinary research approach to elucidate the fundamental causes of PD. The center also aims to improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients with Parkinson's and related neurodegenerative disorders. As Centers of Excellence, each site serves as a local and national PD research resource, supports career development of early career researchers, and provides pro-active outreach to the local patient/advocacy

community. In this video, patient representatives, leadership, and staff from the University of Alabama at Birmingham Udall Center describe their goals, work, impact, and how YOU can get involved. To learn more, please visit:

Ken Cater (left) with David Standaert (right) analyzing new discoveries related to Parkinson's disease


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