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Common Household Items

Grabbers and Reachers

Having a long tool to act as a secure hand to help pick-up stuff off the ground can help people with PD keep their independence and reduce the risk of falling.

Home Phone Systems

There are many options out there for systems that can alert someone if you're having an emergency at home. One system that has received a lot of attention is the Vtech Amplified Big-Button Phone Series. It is an all-in-one communications center that includes a corded base and cordless handset with large-text display, large amber-backlit buttons, and audio boost.

Other features include the answering machine's ability to play back messages in slow mode to make them easier to understand as well as voice dialing, which allows you to call up to 50 numbers stored in the sytem.

The best feature is the wearable home SOS pendant. This pendant acts like a mini-cordless phone you can wear around your neck. It comes with two programmable buttons so you can program one to call a caregiver and the other to call 911. To learn more, go to:

Disclaimer: The Parkinson Association of Alabama (PAA) does not endorse or recommend any specific product or brand for purchase. It is to each person's discretion what products to purchase. The PAA cannot be held liable if the product does not produce its desired solution. 

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