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Monitoring and Alarms

Wandering is the single most critical worry for a care partner, especially if impacted by dementia. If your loved one is wandering, there are some products that can assist you in tracking them while helping them to maintain their independence.

The Alzheimer's Store offers a wide range of helpful products that stop wandering at the source -such as using a simple stop sign, motion detectors and door alarms, or products to help locate your loved-one in case of an active wandering event - such as a GPS Tracking Watch.

Some of these more popular products are highlighted below:

  • Senior Cell Phone with Picture Dialing and GPS (Estimated Cost is $35): If you purchase your phone from the Alzheimer's Store, you receive three free months of service from Mint Mobile plus a free protective case. Its only $15-25 per month thereafter - you may use your existing providers.

  • GPS Tracker Watch - Theora Care (Estimated Cost - $370): Theora Connect provides a complete cellular voice and GPS locator tracking solution to let caregivers know how, when, and where a loved one may need assistance. There is no contract and no activation fee, just a $30 per month monitoring fee that can be cancelled at any time after initial purchase.

  • Wander Alert Door Motion Alarm Kits ($40): Designed to prevent wandering and promote senior safety - the simplest, expandable alarm system available, choose a kit to monitor a door or detect motion - full alert sets available.

  • Door Guardian Confounding Lock with Key (Estimated Cost - $30): Help prevent wandering with an Easy-to-Install confounding door lock with optional key for additional security.

  • Bed Alarms ($200): Bed alarms can also be used to help you know when a loved one leaves their bed.

  • Door Alarms with Keypads ($30): Always know when a door is opened to help prevent wandering.

  • GPS Smart Sole Tracking Solution ($300): While more expensive, a caregiver can start with a GPS Smart Sole Tracking Solution for the individual who still loves individual walks - but you want to know their location.

Wearables: Alarms and Monitoring, GPS, etc.

Wearable devices like watches, smart activity trackers and smart clothes can record vitals like heart rate and blood pressure, automatically alerting patients, family members or doctors if measurements get dangerously low or high.

Sensors that emit ultrasound waves to detect objects can be clipped to clothing or woven into vests to help people with poor vision move around safely.

Another benefit of wearables is that they can allow you to remotely monitor your loved one without being intrusive, for instance, by inserting Smart Soles, an orthotic with a GPS tracker, into their shoes.

Aging in place is challenging, but not impossible. If you can build the right network of support around your loved one and make some home modifications to improve safety of the home, you can help them age at home with independence and good health. 

Disclaimer: The Parkinson Association of Alabama (PAA) does not endorse or recommend any specific product or brand for purchase. It is to each person's discretion what products to purchase. The PAA cannot be held liable if the product does not produce its desired solution. 

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