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We have worked hard to cultivate potential resources you will need throughout your journey living with or caring for someone with PD. In this section, we provide directories that have either been self-cultivated, or link to the organization that provides the latest and greatest updates in Alabama. From listings of Alabama Neurologist's, Movement Disorder Specialists and Big Therapists, to Support and Movement Groups -- as well as webinars, blog posts, podcasts, and recommended publications, our resources section works to keep you in the know.

This section offers a complete listing of available directories and programs specific to Parkinson's related medical services and providers throughout the state. 

Care Navigators with the Parkinson Association of Alabama are available to you, but there are also 24x7 support lines for emergency situations as well.

We provide a listing of all in person and virtual support groups available to serve you throughout the state of Alabama. 

You can book a care navigation session with our Parkinson's care navigators that can make sure you are plugged into all program opportunities for living a quality life with Parkinson's. Care partners and family members are welcome.

In addition to support groups, movement classes and programs are available from dance to boxing and general movement. Find a class in your area for exercise and camaraderie. 

There are many government programs that are available for those aging and living with Parkinson's. We list the various programs that you can tap into for the support you need.

In addition to government programs, there are several private and non-profit organizations that can fulfill your needs. We provide a listing here.

Did you run across a term you didn't understand on this website? Click on this glossary for a listing of definitions to some of the more scientific and medical terms related to PD.

Many people have chronicled their journeys with Parkinson's, and they can make for excellent educational opportunities. We list out some of those resources and how you can get them for further education.

Some people prefer to listen to information on the go - while exercising or traveling in the car.  We connect you to some of the best podcasts about Parkinson's for your listening pleasure.

In addition to books, there are many guides, magazines and other publications dedicated to Parkinson's. We show you how to subscribe or place orders to stay in the know.

We host several social media platforms on social media that can keep you connected with the latest news and updates, including groups specifically for you.

Whether the PAA hosts a webinar, or we recommend one for you to subscribe and listen to - find additional information based on need to know PD topics here.


We post blogs weekly - so check back often about topics that might interest you. We will share them across social media and in our newsletters too.

Speaking of newsletter - have you subscribed? Stay connected with PAA on the most current events and topics about PD.

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