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As Parkinson's advances, you may require many different forms of medication at different times. Being on time is especially important because a missed or delayed dose can quickly worsen mental and motor symptoms. Putting together a medication schedule can be extremely important and especially helpful when:

  • Someone other than the care partner who prompts and manages medication is not available - putting a copy on the fridge with a magnet or next to the medication

  • Traveling - keeping one available in your purse as a reminder to not get off schedule

  • Hospital Visits - along with the medication in case the hospital doesn't have it - having a print-out of the schedule can be extremely helpful to give to the ER, hospital staff, or nurses

  • Doctor Office Visits - Make sure you can hand this print-out off to the nurse to ensure records at your office are current and up to date - it can also speed up the appointment, leaving more time for discussion

To help you stay organized with your medications, download this "My Medications" Form.

To help you remember when to take your medication, many people use the "alarm" functions on their smart phones or watches if available. Alarms can prompt you to take your medication when you are in the middle of another task so that you can remember to take your medication on time.

Pill organizers and/or pill boxes are also very helpful to organize medications. Some even come with alarms and prompts. There are various sizes - so make sure you get one that accommodates the times of days you need to take your medications. Some people will dedicate one night a week to organize pills for the following week. There are even some organizers that allow you to organize your pills by the month.

Blister packs are also now available through many pharmacies where they will put your prescriptions in pre-sealed packets according to the doses. This can help organize your pills by dosage per pack, and they come with printed directions for administering. These are generally prepared by the pharmacy and each pack contains one day's worth of pills or pills to be taken at a certain time.

Find a system that works best for you, but always remember to take your medications on time, every time.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this Parkinson Association of Alabama Resource Center is for awareness and educational purposes only about Parkinson's medication. The PAA does not endorse any specific brand or type of medication. All discussions about medication should be between you, your care partner, and your medical teams.


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