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Care at Home

While many of us prefer home as the option for where we want to age in place, we wonder after receiving a Parkinson's diagnosis if that is still possible, and if it is - what would it look like? Many people diagnosed with Parkinson's live independently at home for many years, most even through the end of life.

The key to living at home with Parkinson's successfully is safety and support. You need to make sure the home is setup safely with the appropriate modifications needed to support your advancing care needs. As Parkinson's progresses, just like aging in general, living alone may present issues. But that doesn't mean that your next step is a nursing home. In this section, we discuss how you can remain home safely while getting the care assistance you need - whether you live alone or have a care partner living with you.

This takes reflection and communication with your loved ones to understand exactly what commitments can be made from those willing to help us. We all will need help at some point - but what does that help look like? How much would it cost to supplement care when family members need a break or can't be there? It really depends on how much help is needed and what can be supplemented by other family, friends, and members of your community. We like to call this group, your Circle of Care.

In this section, we will look at the many services that could be needed should you choose to age in place at home with Parkinson's. We will explain the difference between in-home companions and in-home care givers. We will explain the difference between home health and home care.  If additional help is needed - how do you go about selecting who to hire - privately or through an agency? How could you budget for these services? Finally, we will look at additional respite services that could support your care partners, as well as define the difference between palliative care and hospice services.

Disclaimer: At PAA, our desire is to be a GO TO Resource for everything you need for the Parkinson's diagnosis to live a quality life with PD. We want to make sure you have all resources you need as you plan your journey with Parkinson's now and into the future so that you can reflect and discern what decisions you want to make with the appropriate insights to help you choose and build a plan that is unique as your journey. The PAA, nor the contents on this website, should never be a replacement for professional expertise and guidance from medical, legal, or financial professionals. Our goal is to equip you for those conversations. As such, the PAA cannot be held accountable for your choices and outcomes while navigating your Parkinson's condition.

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