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Products and Tools

When it comes to having Parkinson's, there are many tips and tricks we learn to make activities of daily living easier. In this section, we provide awareness of the many tools, products and solutions that are available that can make our journey of living with Parkinson's easier. 

In this section, we provide recommendations for common household items, electronics, tools to enhance meal safety, medication assistance, and products that can make mobility and transfers easier. We also provide information about monitoring and alarms, as well as some recommendations to help with activities for those that have tremors.

As Parkinson's advances, we may need additional mobility assistance with a walker or wheelchair. We go over some of the research of types of products that can help with walking assistance.

It is important to note that the PAA is providing information as education and awareness of product types only. We do not officially endorse or recommend any specific product brand. Not all products are needed by everyone.

We encourage you to be a smart consumer, shopping for these products and solutions for the lowest price and also that are credible. Check out online reviews. It is to your discretion as to what product or solution may work best for you. Also, it is wise to check your insurance or with your physician to see if any of these products could be potentially covered under Medicare/Medicaid prior to purchasing. Some specific brands will also offer additional discounts, grants or scholarships to help offset the cost of some products.

Disclaimer: The Parkinson Association of Alabama (PAA) does not endorse or recommend any specific product or brand for purchase. It is to each person's discretion what products to purchase. The PAA cannot be held liable if the product does not produce its desired solution. 

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