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Equally important to medication and surgery options when treating Parkinson's, is the ability to add complimentary therapies as part of your overall "Living with Parkinson's Well" plan. There are three key therapies that are used to help Parkinson's patients manage symptoms that are generally covered by insurance. They include therapy sessions offered by Speech, Occupational, and Physical therapists.

Within each of these roles, you can find additional programs specifically for Parkinson's symptom management. Physiologists also play a key role in supplementing physical wellness to assist with Parkinson's movement disorders as covered in the Exercise portion of the site.

Complimentary therapies can also be used along with medical treatment, including acupuncture, art, music, dance, mindfulness exercises and more. These therapies combined with exercises of your choice can keep you moving.  We explore each of these with deeper dives by clicking on the red boxes.

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