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Another key component to alleviating some anxiety after a medical diagnosis like Parkinson's is to go ahead and make sure your financial affairs are in order. This can mean working directly with a financial advisor, accountant, estate planning attorney, or even doing it yourself. By having a full understanding of your portfolio and assets, you are better able to make future planning decisions when it comes to long term care needs with Parkinson's.

Be sure to include your spouse, Power of Attorney and others who will be on the journey with you in these meetings so that they can begin learning your processes for how you like to manage your finances when you are comfortable. You will also want to make sure that all contacts are appropriately named on accounts - either as Power of Attorney or Beneficiary.  Some accounts require multiple documents to be signed.

We will break down these three common finance topics in each of the sections below:

Disclaimer: At PAA, our desire is to be a GO TO Resource for everything you need for the Parkinson's diagnosis to live a quality life with PD. We want to make sure you have all resources you need as you plan your journey with Parkinson's now and into the future so that you can reflect and discern what decisions you want to make with the appropriate insights to help you choose and build a plan that is unique as your journey. The PAA, nor the contents on this website, should never be a replacement for professional expertise and guidance from medical, legal, or financial professionals. Our goal is to equip you for those conversations. As such, the PAA cannot be held accountable for your choices and outcomes while navigating your Parkinson's condition.


Alabama Social Security - Applying for Disability Benefits.

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