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As Parkinson's symptoms progress, increasing medications to address them can bring significant side effects, such a dyskinesia. Surgical therapies can be explored after medications are optimized, and the side effects of adding more medications start to outweigh the benefits.

Current surgical therapies include deep brain stimulation (DBS,) infusion therapy and enteral suspension of carbidiopa/levodopa. Focused ultrasound therapy (FUS) and Lesion Therapy are both newer, non-invasive procedures that are alternatives to other surgical interventions.

In this section, we will explore each of these procedures in more detail. Click on the red box to to learn more about each procedure.

Disclaimer: The information found within the Surgery section of the Parkinson Association of Alabama Parkinson's Disease Resource Center is for educational and awareness purposes only. The PAA does not condone nor endorse any specific procedure or medical product. Discussion about whether or not you are a candidate for a surgical procedure should be discussed between you, your care partner, and your medical team.


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