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Does your loved one tend to freeze while walking? Perhaps they have even explained it to you that their feet feel like they are glued to the floor? Freezing can be a significant cause of falls, but there are ways that you as the care partner can help them through a freezing episode.

Freezing often happens while turning around in close quarters. Try to avoid tight turns whenever possible. Instruct the person with PD to make wider turns.

If the person has freezing episodes while trying to walk, encourage them to stop, straighten their posture and shift their weight to one foot before beginning to step with the other.

To help with freezing, count or clap out a rhythmic beat -- this can actually help them to get going again.

Some people who experience freezing episodes do better with a visual cue, such as "step over my foot."

Ask your physical therapist for some more tips for cueing strategies when it comes to freezing.


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