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Just as communication may be slow, it is important for us as care partners to remember that we need to give our loved ones with PD time to process information. Some tips to help us include:

  • Socializing in small groups or one-on-one will probably be more satisfying than trying to socialize in large groups

  • Allow individuals with PD ample time to process what has been said and to respond

  • Don't jump from topic to topic during conversation

  • Plan activities that are important and meaningful to the person with PD

  • Avoid quizzing the person with PD

  • If the person has difficulty initiating an activity, guide them in getting started and let them know that you are there to help

  • Be concise when speaking about specific people and events

  • Every morning, review upcoming activities for that day

  • Keep routines the same and perform activities of daily living in the same order every day.

  • Remember that changing environments, people and routines can be distressing for people with cognitive challenges

  • Leave ample time to get from place to place

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