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Weight Loss

Weight loss may occur with advancing Parkinson's. Difficulty swallowing, feeling full or bloated and improperly - fitting partial plates or dentures are all potential reasons. Discuss concerns regarding weight loss with your loved one's medical team.

Tips for Gaining Weight

  • Switch from 3 regular meals to 5-6 smaller meals daily.

  • Switch to a higher fat milk, such as 2% or whole milk. Choose flavored milk or whole milk yogurt for variety.

  • Drink 100% fruit juices instead of water.

  • Add butter, nut butters, gravy, sauces and/or avocado to the diet to add calories.

  • Eat fruit canned in syrup or frozen with sugar.

  • Serve vegetables with cheese spreads, sour cream, dips, salad dressings or sauces.

  • Drink a high calorie nutritional beverage between meals. Even 4 ounces twice daily will add calories.

  • Choose drink supplements that are high calorie, not high-protein

  • Purchase or blend a nutritional smoothie, using bottled or powder supplements, adding fruit or syrups for flavor

  • Blend a milkshake using 2% or whole milk with fresh fruit or syrup and a scoop of ice cream

  • Prepare pudding with 2% or whole milk, and top with crushed graham crackers or whipped cream

  • Offer ice cream or frozen yogurt topped with syrup or fruit


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