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Most patients with Parkinson's do not exhibit aggressive or combative traits regularly. However, there may be a time when your loved one becomes agitated, aggressive, or even combative. Many times, these are reactions to hallucinations those with Parkinson's may be having that are unsettling. They are not necessarily a reaction to anything you are doing. Sometimes if these symptoms happen out of the blue, it might be wise to see if there could be any medical changes that need to be assessed, such as testing for a potential UTI or other infection. If your loved one becomes agitated or aggressive suddenly, below are some tips to consider:

  • Provide space without crowding

  • Keep dangerous objects in secure locations

  • Talk calmly

  • Provide reassurance: "You are safe"

  • Keep your movements to a minimum

  • Ask how the person is feeling and his or her reason for being upset

  • Listen to the responses and comments

  • If your safety is threatened or you are concerned a loved one might harm him/herself, call 911

  • Reassure them without arguing that what they see is not there

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