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How critical is hydration and water consumption to Parkinson's?

Getting the ideal amount of water each day can help you in countless ways. Water can be especially beneficial when you take your Parkinson's medications. When you take your medication with a full glass of water (and nothing else), it enters your small intestines quickly, giving it a fast track to your brain. Choosing carbonated water can also aid in faster uptake of your medications.

Drinking enough water is also essential to help promote general health and relieve symptoms of constipation. When someone experiences long periods of dehydration, their cells can't function properly and die, leading to degeneration and disease. Dehydration also leads to poor circulation and blood flow, resulting in high blood pressure, organ failure, and more. You may experience decreased thirst with PD, so it can be helpful to create a hydration plan, carry a water bottle, and track your daily water intake to ensure you're drinking enough.

Disclaimer: The information contained in these Frequently Asked Questions have been sourced by reliable, research-based publications. It is to your discretion whether or not to incorporate the education and awareness as guidance into your wellness journey with Parkinson's. The Parkinson Association of Alabama cannot be held liable for the solutions you try, and you should always consult with medical experts before trying anything new or incorporating new matters into your overall wellness plan.


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