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Will Parkinson's impact my dental care?

Certain symptoms of Parkinson's can complicate dental health for people living with Parkinson's. Motor symptoms such as tremor may make tooth brushing and flossing more difficult. Since saliva production is reduced in PD, this can lead to tooth decay or cavities. Dyskinesias, poor mobility, tremor and swallowing difficulties may make visits to the dentist more challenging. Helpful strategies include taking levodopa before dental appointments and scheduling visits early in the morning to avoid long waiting times.

Many find electronic toothbrushes very help when it comes to maintaining dental health, as well as water picks for when flossing may become difficult. Also, should you wear a partial or other form of a mouthpiece, check for comfort and fitting often as teeth can shift with disease progression.

Disclaimer: The information contained in these Frequently Asked Questions have been sourced by reliable, research-based publications. It is to your discretion whether or not to incorporate the education and awareness as guidance into your wellness journey with Parkinson's. The Parkinson Association of Alabama cannot be held liable for the solutions you try, and you should always consult with medical experts before trying anything new or incorporating new matters into your overall wellness plan.

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