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Emergency Preparedness

It's important to have your home setup for emergency preparedness. How you answer these questions may indicate how prepared you are for an emergency.

  • Are emergency numbers in large print near each phone?

  • Is there a phone near the floor in case there is a fall?

  • Is an alarm device available in case there is a fall if you reside alone? Or, do you have a monitor in the home to assist care partners if in a different room?

  • Is there a communication system in place in every room, including a hallway?

  • Have you provided 2-3 trusted individuals with keys to your home and asked for well-checks?

  • Have you considered smart locks or a doorbell that offers a camera view so you can see who is at the door outside?

  • Do you have natural gas and/or carbon monoxide detectors for your home? This is very important for people with PD who have lost or diminished ability to smell.

  • Have you tested all smoke alarms and made sure batteries are changed?

  • When was the last time you replaced your air filter? How often do you replace your air filter?

  • When was the last time you had carpets professionally cleaned/steamed?

  • Do you have a DNR or File of Life that needs to be posted in clear view so that first responders can access it quickly and respect your wishes?

  • Do you have a fire extinguisher?

  • Although climbing isn't recommended, if you do use a step stool - is it sturdy?

Disclaimer:  The Parkinson Association of Alabama stresses the importance of home safety by offering the following awareness and education. However, the PAA cannot be held liable for any falls within the home, or guarantee the endorsement of product brands or services as related to home safety.

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